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The Website www.macedonialovesyou.com has promoted Macedonia since 2007.

The Website is a tribute to Macedonian Friends. I am privileged and happy to have them: friends indeed and friends in need. Over the years, we have shared good times and we have learned to understand each other. People staying in Macedonia for some time love the country. Do they really know how much Macedonia loves them?

Stanislaw Pigon, Warsaw, Poland.




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There are numerous Web Pages that cover both Macedonia’s distant history and recent political, diplomatic, social and economic developments in Macedonia; for example, the official Governmental Web Page: www.vlada.mk

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About the Author

Stanislaw Pigon
Stanislaw Pigon lives in Warsaw. He has advised on industrial development, investment promotion, project preparation and financing in over 30 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. He is also involved in numerous training and capability building programs. In 2006 and 2007, he spent 9 months in Skopje as an international key expert for one of the EU funded projects.

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About the Designer

Marek Mantuzyk
Marek Mantuzyk is CEO and the owner of a successful and well known Web Designing company StrefaWEB.pl.

The company specializes in design and production of various types of online advertising campaigns and media e.g. in HTML5, LED and Video. Dynamic and experienced company’s team offers reliable services also in graphic design and programming. Artistic designs for movie distributors became a company trademark and placed it amongst the market leaders in Poland, especially for its movie advertising videos and the Internet creations. You may learn more at www.strefaweb.pl and contact Marek at marek@strefaweb.pl.

Travel and nature photography is a passion that Marek shares with his wife Iwona and their four children.